Automotive Tool Rentals Dallas, TX

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Automotive tools mainly consist of an Engine hoist, engine stand, and transmission jacks, all these tools are necessary for someone who has to work on repairing a car or they have got a job that requires such tools for engine removal or transmission removal thus making these tools a must for the job.

An engine hoist is a tool that is used to lift the engines. There are different situations and places, where the hoist is required for lifting, for engine lifting the most popular type of hoist is the hydraulic hoist. A hydraulic hoist is the most used tool for car repairs and engine work.

An engine stand is a tool that is mainly used to hold the engine block in place and is a necessary tool in a garage or for someone with a job of engine removal.

A transmission jack is something necessary for installing a new transmission or removing one on different types of vehicles whether you are doing it for yourself or doing a professional job. It will allow you to work on almost every type of transmission. 

The standard of the tools you use for keeping your car on the road is as critical as the ones you are using on the job.

We have no work to do unless you have a job to do. Your challenges, therefore, become our challenges, and your deadlines drive us. The easiest part of your task is the rental of great equipment because we guarantee accessibility, reliability, and ease — both for our people and for our products.

EZ Equipment Rental has what you need to pull your engine or transmission.  We have engine hoists, engine stands, transmission jacks (both regular and telescoping).