Boom Lift and Scissor Lift Rentals Dallas, TX

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Do you have an important job coming up and need to rent an aerial lift and don’t know which kind to use? we have made it easy for you! We are comparing scissor lifts vs. boom lifts. Let’s get on with it!

A boom lift is a type of aerial lift but it provides much more flexibility than a scissor lift. It is supported by a hydraulic arm that can move around obstacles. Boom lifts can also be extended upwards.

Boom lifts have two main types. Articulating boom lifts have bending arms, which makes it easier to move the bucket around an object. Telescopic boom lifts consist of straight arms. Telescopic lifts usually have more capacity when it comes to lifting weight.

Scissor lifts are used to carry staff into elevated places and are used more often in production and manufacturing environments. The crossing braces that stretch upward support these particular lifts.

Most scissor lifts can be moved up and down only. But some can move horizontally a couple of feet. One of the major advantages of scissor lifts is their large platforms, capable of accommodating several people at once (along with materials).

Whether you’re planning to trim tree limbs, do some maintenance work on your facility or have a job installing lighting or signboards.  EZ Equipment Rental has got you covered with the aerial lift so that you can get your jobs done.  

EZ Equipment Rental also offers both self-propelled and towable articulating boom lifts that can reach a height of 46 feet.  We also provide electric scissor lifts from 19′ to 45 feet working height.  Call us at 214-951-7800.  We make rentals EZ!