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Equipment is a key element in the maintenance of pavement and flooring. A platform compactor is one of the key pieces of equipment for nearly all the maintenance work. Compact plate compactors on driveways, parking lots, and repair jobs can be used to compact subbases and asphalt. They are also helpful when a larger roller is not able to reach confined areas.

There are some other different types of tools that are used for this purpose depending on your need.

A compactor is a machine used to reduce the biomass through compaction, there are different types of compactors available in the market that do exactly the same job but getting the right type depends on your need and the type of job you have. 

Jumping Jack compactors have smaller plates than other compactors and are great for asphalt, or in close, compact conditions. These machines work well on cohesive soils, which are in 16–25-inch compact depths.

Trenching rollers, also called multifunctional compactors, can perform easily in cohesive types of soil, like clays that can be very difficult to compact.

EZ Equipment Rental’s compactors are durable and tough.  Whether you need jumping jacks, forward plates, or a remote-control trench roller.  EZ Equipment Rental has all of them.The key to a project is the prep work.  EZ Equipment Rental has what you need to make your work stand out from the others.  Call EZ at 214-951-7800.  We make rentals EZ!