Dehumidifiers & Air Scrubber Equipment Rentals Dallas, TX

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Particle, gas, and contaminants are removed from the air through air scrubbers. This mobile filter system removes contaminants from the air and is essential for any restorative work in which mold, dust, asbestos, plumes, and chemical fumes are transmitted throughout the process.

Ozone is very effective in removing odors from most buildings and spaces because it attacks the source of the smoke and other odors. Professional and industrial hospitality firms know this and can contract some machinery to generate ozone to work with pet odors, cigarette odors, and other odors that are difficult to remove.

Our air scrubbers are easy to transport and easy to store due to their compact design, powered by 115V or 15 amps, and with air delivery of up to 250, 500 cubic feet per minute they are excellent for mold abatement, restorations, construction, renovation, and industrial applications

Our Ozone machine is also one of its kind and is easily carried to the place you want to work at and having 60 W of power and fan output of 300 cubic feet per minute these are excellent and reliable machines.

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