Dollies, Carts & Material Handling Rentals Dallas, TX

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Give your crew more muscle to lift and stack heavyweights with lifts.

Work more efficiently with hand trucks and dollies. With an overall weight ranging from 11 to 124 pounds and the capability of carrying between 700 and 5,000 pounds, these versatile tools make lifting and moving heavy material a breeze.

Use our manual pallet jackets to lift and carry pallets securely and effectively around the warehouse. These instruments are tough for commercial use, are not harmful, and are suitable for the retail and reception of heavy stuff at the warehouses.

Dock Plates provide a low-cost option for bridging the distance between docks and trailer and are for use with Pallet Jacks, Hand trucks, or Dollies for low-to medium-volume loading applications.

If you have items you need to move around your shop or warehouse.  EZ Equipment Rental has the Equipment to handle all sorts of material you need lifts, pallet jacks, and hand trucks. EZ Equipment Rental has you covered in every aspect of material handling. 

Our material lifts are a great answer to speeding up and making your job safe!  Call us at (214)951-7800.  We make rental EZ!