Earthmoving Equipment Rentals Dallas, TX

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Can you dig it? Yes, you can! No matter how big or small the job or project is, an extensive inventory of compact excavators can get the job done. Doesn’t matter what your job demands – greater dig depth, specific arm configuration or zero, minimal or conventional tail swing, having compact excavators in your inventory is a must for your earthmoving job.

Big jobs in small areas are no problem with skid steer loaders. These loaders are capable of zero-radius turning, making them extremely maneuverable in small areas. Unlike conventional loaders, skid steer lift arms are situated alongside the driver. 

But like conventional loaders, they’re designed to lift material from one place to another and its bucket gives you an extra place to put your load in making it easy to move or load into a truck or trailer.

Compact track loaders are designed to cater to tough jobs in tight confines, like skid steers. These loaders provide high pushing forces and operate efficiently even under muddy, sandy, and wet conditions with power and efficiency. 

Earthmoving Equipment is expensive to buy and maintain. EZ Equipment Rental has a fleet of skid steers, mini skid steers, and mini excavators for your earthmoving needs with all the attachments.  We only purchase the trusted brands such as Ditch Witch, Bobcat, and Yanmer.

EZ Equipment Rental follows a strict maintenance program on all equipment to help ensure our customers get the best value for their money.  We inspect all equipment before and after rentals to help reduce service issues and to increase our equipment’s efficiency so that you get your job done on time.  Call us at (214)951-7800.  We make rental EZ!