Landscaping Equipment Rentals Dallas, TX

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Give overgrown trees and shrubs a shave with EZ Equipment Rentals chainsaws. Once shaved blow it all away with a gasoline-powered backpack blower. 

With a high carbon wear-alloy wedge, and a 6″ x 25 lb. wide flange beam, EZ Equipment Rentals wood splitter is built to split logs quickly and easily.

Our tillers which are also known as soil cultivators are a must-have for farming, gardening, landscaping, and more. Tillers add on the muscle needed to break up hardened surface dirt and prepare the soil for planting.

Our lawn aerators are the best way for your lawn to get some fresh air, water, and nutrients it needs to flourish. Our 18- to- 26.5-inches aerators are easy to handle and help you get your job done in no time.

Cutting sod shouldn’t be a pain difficult EZ Equipment Rental sod cutters are easy to transport, set up, and operate. This robust sod cutter is ideal for landscapers, water irrigation, a golf course crew, or sports turf crews.

You don’t have to carry branches, small trees, and other brush to the curb. Get rid of it fast and easy or transform it into mulch. With our 6-inch and 12-inch gasoline and diesel-powered wood chippers which are towable and powerful enough to turn a dense jungle into an open field in no time!

Let us help you get to the root of stubborn vegetation with our stump grinders. Which are easy to use, feature a compact design, making it easy for you to slice and dice your way through tree stumps of any size.

EZ Equipment Rental is your go-to company for landscaping and tree trimming equipment in the Dallas and DFW Metroplex area. 

We know you are thinking about why EZ? That’s only because we have gas-powered blowers and cutters. EZ Equipment Rental also has aerators, brush cutters, tillers, stump grinders, pole saws There still more! 

Also, chainsaws, log splitter, 12-inch wood chipper, and hole diggers. EZ Equipment Rental even has augers up to 36 inches on a skid steer if needed. Call us at (214)951-7800.  We make rental EZ!