Pressure Washer & Surface Cleaner Rentals Dallas, TX

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Cut off the time by using rotary surface cleaner that works best for washing floors. You can get your job done in approximately 25% less time when attached to a commercial pressure washer with 4500 psi at 8 GPM or higher. This workhorse can clean any flat surface. It is equipped with long-lasting broses and easy glide control. 

When it’s time to scrub with pressure washers. From light, home DIY use to heavy-duty pressure washing designed for industrial job sites, EZ Equipment rental has the right washer for you. We have both 3800 and 4200 pressure washers that work like a gem in any given condition.

Working with our pressure washer helps you overcome the thing that you are most afraid of which is getting the job done on time combining this equipment and making it all to work as once will help you get your job done in such a short time that you won’t even believe it yourself.

Whether you are washing, dirt, or mildew from your warehouse, patio, concrete or outdoor furniture while using adaptive nozzles with a pressure washer will get the job done. Furthermore, with the really tough jobs we have a surface cleaner! EZ Equipment Rental has a number of different gas-powered pressure washers. Call us at (214)951-7800. We make rental EZ!