Pumping Equipment Rental Dallas, TX

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We have several different options available for pumping equipment rental depending that suit all your pumping equipment needs. We have a 2” and a 3” electric-powered pump rental. The 3” electric pump, also called a puddle sucker, can be connected to a garden hose to discharge the water from the targeted area. Another option is our gas-powered pump that rents with a hose and discharge line.

Along with these pumps you need to have a proper hose to work with, our 2” and 3” hoses help you get the work done the right way and on time, we use all the best equipment to ease your pumping equipment requirements.

If you need to remove water quickly.  EZ Equipment Rental has got you covered with our efficient and easy-to-use pumps. EZ Equipment has several quality centrifugal pumps.  Whether you need to get rid of the water from a basement, swimming pool, ditch, pond, or anything else. Call us at (214)951-7800.  We make rental EZ!