Water Trailer Rentals Dallas, TX

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Water trailers, also referred to as nurse trailers, are easy to use and suitable for a range of applications, including dust management, emergency fire response, renovation, agricultural assistance, and washing downfield machinery.

EZ Equipment Rental does it again! The Multiquip water trailer is one of the best on the market.  This water trailer is ready to take on tough jobs such as dust control, firefighting response.  Along with construction, agricultural, and equipment cleaning. Also, the easy-operating design allows easy suction/discharge operations. It also comes standard with a 2 5/16″ Ball Hitch. 

This 2″ centrifugal water trailer with a 525-Gal tank will get most jobs done.  If any questions about our 2-inch centrifugal water trailer rentals in Dallas and the DFW Metroplex call us at 214-951-7800.  We make rentals EZ!