Which Lift Do I Needed?

A lot of people ask us “Which Lift Do I Need?” Here is a basic outline of the lifts.

There are two basic boom lifts. Straight Boom Lifts and Articulating Boom Lifts. They each have a little different purpose. See Below for a little more information on each type of Boom Lift

Straight Booms

Straight Booms are also called “Telescopic Booms” or “Stick Booms”. These booms usually have a reach of 45′ to 180′ and work just like their names. The boom extends straight out. Depending on the lift they usually have a maximum of two people buckets. Straight booms come with different type of fueling options. Some are diesel, or diesel and LPG, or diesel and electric. The last two are good for either indoor or outdoor use. You would use the LPG or the electric indoor due to no hazardous fumes. The Straight booms have a number of uses such as high area maintenance, painting, construction, bridge inspections, sporting events and more.

Articulating Booms

The articulating booms are also called “Cherry Pickers” or “Kunkle Booms”. The are very versatile machines due to having multiple joints that allow the machines to articulate so the operator has a great amount of control. They are able to be operated so they can move around in size restricted places or in difficult angles. The fuel systems are the same as the Straight Booms. Articulating Booms are good for smaller size job sites, working over or around obstacles, and basically anywhere where you need to position the bucket in different ways.

Knowing the job and the site are important to pick out the right boom for your situation and the safety of everyone at the site.

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